Million Dollor Feeling

It is difficult to convey in words what Steve creates every time he measures, cuts and stitches a bespoke suit or jacket.

He is creating a unique item of clothing for an individual client that can only be obtained through the craftmanship he has gained over many years of bespoke tailoring.

It is this experience and skill which ensures that every client has sartorial elegance which enhances image and style, and most importantly gives the client that “million dollar” feeling that is so rare in our mass produced world.

The knowledge that you are wearing quality (a quality which will last) and a suit tailored to your own requirements creates a feeling that is difficult to achieve anywhere else in modern day life; such craftsmanship has all but disappeared from all other walks of life.

A bespoke suit made by Steve Horsman is to be worn with pride, in the knowledge that you are wearing the best of British Tailoring.